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UPS is helping to make the world more sustainable in many ways, beyond our core mission of making global commerce more resource-efficient. This infographic highlights our efforts in humanitarian relief, the UPS Global Forestry Initiative, healthcare, and road safety. For examples of other types of engagements, see Stakeholder Engagement. Airplane icon indicates a major hub for UPS Airlines.

In 2012, UPS pledged or provided US$6.5 million in humanitarian relief funding, technical support and in-kind services, including more than 200 shipments to 35 countries. For more information see Humanitarian Relief. Truck icon indicates donated inkind transportation, unless otherwise noted.

In 2012, UPS provided US$1.6 million in grants for tree planting and forest protection in 12 countries. By the end of 2013, the organizations and projects we support expect to plant nearly 2 million trees. For more information see Millions of Trees. Tree icon indicates tree planting, unless otherwise noted.

UPS serves the healthcare industry with the philosophy that we’re not just shipping goods and documents – we’re helping save lives. We have established 36 dedicated healthcare facilities around the world, with more than 6 million square feet (0.557 million m2) of distribution space operated by specially trained employees. For more information see Supply Chain Solutions for Healthcare. Building icon indicates a dedicated UPS healthcare facility. Orange dots represent the geographic location of a healthcare facility.

We care about road safety with a passion. We’re helping others learn to be safer, too, because a safer world is a more sustainable world. The examples highlighted here include helmets for scooter-riding kids, driver training for teens, and an onboard road safety program for commercial drivers. For more information, see The Drive for Safer Communities. Car icon indicates sites where UPS offers its UPS Road Code® safe driving program for teens, unless otherwise noted.