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At Cisco Systems, we believe that in order to deliver an unrivaled customer experience, our supply chain must be aligned with that mission. When we deliver something to our customers, we want it to be built by people and suppliers that are healthy, successful, and challenged in the most positive sense, meaning that they seek to go beyond what’s been done before.

It also takes a great supply chain to deliver on our commitment to sustainability. The Cisco supply chain has tremendous variation and versatility, extending from raw commodities to final recycling of products. And nearly all the companies in our supply chain have supply chains of their own. So bringing sustainability into the supply chain is one of the areas in which we can have an influence, which extends throughout our industry.

We began our sustainability journey with high-level monitoring of our suppliers, to understand their issues and efforts regarding sustainability. Once we had this understanding, the next level was actually engaging with them – not in a prescriptive way, but in a collaborative way. We brought together multiple companies from the information and communications technology industry to have a conversation about best practices. No one was required to divulge proprietary information, we just said “check your company badge at the door and let’s talk about how, together, we can make our industry more sustainable.”
Edna Conway
Chief Security Officer, 
Supply Chain Operations

We believe this collaborative approach is one of the reasons that Cisco was a winner of the 2013 Supply Chain Leadership Award from the Center for Corporate Climate Leadership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We’ve been recognizing suppliers for many years, and in 2011 we established a new award, the “Sustainability Excellence” award. This is our only sustainability award for suppliers, and we intentionally set a high bar. We look for companies that embrace sustainability holistically, and that use information technology as part of their program. Candidates for the award must be actively engaged with their own supply chain. We look for companies that are helping us meet our sustainability objectives, and sharing data that helps Cisco make better decisions for society and the environment, around the world.

We were pleased with how many companies showed an interest in the award. For one thing, it demonstrated the depth and quality of our supply chain. It also showed us that there is a growing community of industryleading companies that take sustainability seriously. The companies in this community understand that none of us can do it alone.

That is one of the reasons we selected UPS as the 2012 winner of the Cisco Systems Sustainability Excellence award. We have multiple relationships with UPS – in fact we are part of their supply chain – and our two companies are aligned in many ways on how to address sustainability challenges. Beyond this, we understood that UPS is coordinating with its customers and partners to drive sustainability, not just Cisco. By recognizing UPS, we saw an opportunity to extend the positive influence of the award beyond one company, and to recognize and inspire multiple companies.
Jim McLaughlin
Director of Global Logistics and Partner 
Management, Supply Chain Operations


Cisco Systems won a 2013 Supply Chain Leadership Award from the Center for Corporate Climate Leadership of the EPA. UPS was a winner of the Awar
d for 2012.

Cisco named UPS the 2012 winner of its Sustainability Excellence award – the only sustainability award for Cisco suppliers.

Cisco’s top suppliers are chosen for supply chain leadership, transparency, and leveraging IT for sustainable results.