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UPS Corporate Sustainability Priorities

In 2011, we established a set of 15 corporate priorities for addressing sustainability issues and opportunities across our entire enterprise. We made progress with all of these priorities in 2012. Most notably, we engaged employees, international teams, and outside stakeholders more fully in our sustainability priorities and programs, and also increased our policy engagement in areas of our expertise and concern. We also made progress in quantifying outcomes from philanthropic engagements, and committed to support further standardization of international sustainability reporting.

Embed sustainability across the company

Maintain accurate and comprehensive sustainability reporting

Engage UPS international teams in sustainability

Optimize data collection and reporting processes

Promote sustainability through enterprise purchasing and responsible supply chains

Leverage sustainability to grow the business

Align greenhouse gas reporting to new WRI Scope 3 standards

Engage outside stakeholders

Engage employees

Increase global leadership and policy engagement

Continue to develop a cross-functional carbon abatement calculator

Quantify and promote sustainability successes in UPS value chains

Quantify outcomes from philanthropic engagements

Identify and address gaps in UPS sustainability programs

Continue to advance 
international sustainability reporting standards

* All numbers are as of 12/31/2012 with the exception of employee numbers which are 9/30/2012 to omit seasonal hiring.