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Offsetting the environmental impact of shipping is easy and effective. Just choose the carbon neutral option when you conduct an online shipping request. We also offer contractual services to collectively calculate the carbon emitted by customer shipping activities, and then mitigate those emissions with carbon offsets.


We calculate the CO2 associated with a UPS shipment, purchase the offsets, and retire them. We do it according to high standards, including certification by The CarbonNeutral Company and verification by Société Générale de Surveillance.

The small incremental fee for the service supports high-quality carbon emission offset projects around the world. In 2012 these projects included the five projects illustrated below:

Chol Charoen Group 
Wastewater Treatment with Biogas System 1 (Cholburi) 

The project activity involves recovery of fugitive biogas from the wastewater released from a tapioca starch processing plant.

Big River and Salmon Creek Forests 

This project reforms forest management practices on land purchased from a logging company by a consortium of conservation groups, and manages the land to ensure increasing carbon sequestration.

Garcia River Forest 

The Garcia River Forest project uses conservation-based forest management to absorb and store carbon emissions while restoring wildlife habitat and protecting water quality.
Suzhou Qizi Mountain Landfill Gas Recovery Project

Everbright Environment and Energy Landfill Gas to Energy Co., Ltd. developed this landfill gas recovery project at the Qizi Mountain Landfill in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The project involves landfill gas collection and processing, and generation of both electricity and heat.

Kasigau Corridor

This pioneering program in Kenya implements critical activities for reducing deforestation while creating local sustainable development opportunities and protecting valuable ecosystems.