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UPS for Healthcare
Healthcare companies have highly complex supply chains with unique requirements for storage and handling, transport, compliance documentation, packaging, and quality control. UPS vigilantly moves healthcare products around the world every day. UPS healthcare experts operate on the philosophy that It’s a patient, not a package™ to recognize the importance of each and every shipment. UPS has:
Specialized Healthcare Distribution Facilities

  • Locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to reach 80% of the world’s population
  • More than 6 million square feet (0.557 million m2) of dedicated healthcare product space
  • Specially licensed and accredited (cGMP compliant or equivalent to local guidelines)
  • Climate and temperature controlled capabilities including frozen and deep frozen environments

Robust Global Transportation Network

  • All modes available including ground, air, and ocean
  • Delivery available through wholesalers or direct to hospitals, clinics, retail pharmacies, physician offices, and even patients
  • Services for temperature controlled transportation from storage to pickup to delivery
  • Customs clearance for a seamless process for moving shipments across borders


  • Single validated global IT platform that supports order entry to final payment with inventory and transport visibility
  • Tracking technology to monitor all shipments throughout the supply chain
  • Advanced technology to monitor temperature-sensitive products and processes to intervene to protect contents
  • Specialized packaging, airfreight containers, and monitoring to ensure that shipments remain compliant with temperature and time delivery requirements

Compliance , Credentials , and Expertise

  • UPS maintains hundreds of geographically-specific licenses and registrations to enable products to meet local requirements
  • Global team of healthcare-focused regulatory compliance experts for efficient and consistent service
  • Healthcare logistics experts to create supply chains that include contingency plans for risk reduction, product protection, and on-time delivery

Sustainable Benefits for the World

The healthcare industry provides social, economic, and environmental benefits: to save lives, improve life, and support the extension of affordable, effective and efficient healthcare to a growing global population. UPS provides the efficient and responsible supply chain necessary to provide these benefits.
Economic Benefits

  • A more efficient healthcare industry reduces costs and gets healthcare products where they are most needed at the right time and in the right condition. This supports the financial well-being of healthcare companies and helps to ensure their longterm viability
  • Robust and reliable supply chains ensure that products are delivered to patients for better outcomes, less loss and less spoilage
  • UPS minimizes business interruptions due to holds, delays, and fines by helping to ensure compliance to all local regulations
  • UPS supports the growth of the healthcare industry by offering the delivery options needed to serve multiple distribution channels including direct to patients, to healthcare providers, and to wholesalers

Social Benefits

  • Access to affordable, efficient, and reliable healthcare is one of the world’s greatest social challenges
  • Financially strong healthcare companies are better able to expand to underserved communities and to provide charitable support around the world
  • UPS supports reliable supply chains to ensure that patient needs are met on a timely basis
  • UPS supports the delivery of in-kind charitable healthcare contributions during times of emergency, crisis, and natural disaster

Environmental Benefits

  • UPS pharmaceutical-grade shipping containers employ environmentally responsible technology to eliminate product spoilage
  • UPS has a highly efficient transportation network that quantitatively and annually reports fuel conservation and carbon reduction benefits
  • UPS’s processes, packaging, and operations protect the contents of healthcare shipments, which reduces loss, waste, and reshipping – thus helping conserve natural resources