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UPS is consistent in many ways: our values, our priorities, even our “look.” Yet UPS is also changing all the time. From the services we offer to the ways we deliver them, we constantly apply new ideas and technologies to make our business more sustainable.

We continually expand our use of new ideas, techniques, and technologies for driving and flying, so that we can use less fuel per package.

We create new services for customers, such as in healthcare, to help them achieve their goals more sustainably.

We’re expanding our use of renewable energy in facilities and alternative fuels in our ground fleet.

We consistently reevaluate our business processes to ensure that we advance efficiencies, manage our resources effectively, and utilize the most advanced operational thinking and business practices.

We’re constantly learning from global leaders about resource issues and how we can help tackle them.

We’re even transforming the way we teach, train, and develop our people to create more opportunities for them and the company.

One of the deepest levels of innovation at UPS is one you might not think of, but to us it’s essential. In many areas of our business, we’re gathering more detailed information than ever before, so that we can make smarter decisions – decisions that take into account the true impacts, costs, and benefits of what we do.

Because in the end, that’s what sustainability demands from every company: more informed choices, based on better data, that lead to greater balance between the profit motive and the public good.
Fast Company Names UPS one of World’s Most Innovative Companies
People like UPS because we’re so dependable. Sometimes, we can also surprise you – in a good way. That’s what we did with our UPS My ChoiceTM service, which we introduced in 2012. The service tells customers a delivery is coming, and lets them choose the delivery day and location that’s most convenient for them. Customers avoid missed shipments, and we don’t make unnecessary stops and starts, which saves fuel and time. Everybody wins – including the environment.

More than half a million customers signed up in the first months of the UPS My Choice service. That caught the attention of Fast Company, the U.S.-based magazine that focuses on business, technology, and design. The magazine subsequently included UPS in its list of “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” for 2012, citing UPS My Choice as the reason.