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Paul Rose
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Like UPS, Henry Schein has looked deeply into what we can do to make a difference in society. Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and effective for people around the world, especially those that are vulnerable and at risk. In 2011, Henry Schein provided charitable donations totaling nearly US$6 million of product to medical, dental and veterinary community health clinics and humanitarian organizations.

A critical part of that mission is making sure that our products reach the right healthcare practitioners at the right time. That means taking out the pinch points from the supply chain, especially during disasters and emergencies when our practitioners and their patients need our goods the most. The call for help comes from all over the world; in recent years we have helped provide disaster relief in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Pakistan, Haiti, Myanmar and across the U.S.

The job can be frustrating. Emergency supplies get delayed at border crossings, held up at customs, roads can be blocked with traffic, non-essential donations create bottlenecks. Fortunately, we work with our suppliers, manufacturing partners and practitioners on the ground to smooth the way. We are a hub, bringing together our supply chain partners, our Team Schein Members and Henry Schein Cares, our global corporate social responsibility program, for greater impact. They help us respond to urgent needs.

As our Chairman of the Board and CEO Stanley Bergman recently said, “Consider a new paradigm that elevates the social and philanthropic side of corporate responsibility to a value that is shared across the supply chain. Rather than having each member of the supply chain ‘go it alone’ in its contribution to society, this model creates opportunities to achieve greater impact by learning from and building on each other’s strengths. With suppliers and customers invited to participate and leverage the capabilities of a range of industry partners, established business relationships expand and unite in achieving enhanced corporate responsibility results.”

Fortunately, we have a highly efficient and robust supply chain. From five distribution centers utilizing UPS’s ground transportation network, we are able to reach most U.S. addresses within a single day. When storms recently struck in the Midwest, the South and the Northwest, we were able to respond quickly, saving lives and helping our practitioners to deliver care. Together with our Team Schein Members, supplier partners, and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, we disbursed more than $1 million in financial and healthcare product donations.

But we can do better. The global community of small, medium and large private sectors entities needs to collaborate on risk management and mitigation. For that reason, we have joined with the World Economic Forum, UPS, humanitarian relief agencies and others to better prepare for large-scale disease outbreaks and natural disasters. Together, we will be able to mobilize more quickly. Together, we can make an even greater difference to society.

Henry Schein and UPS work together to deliver healthcare products and services around the world.

In 2012, Henry Schein and its suppliers shared expertise and resources to deliver more than US$1 million in financial and healthcare product donations.

In times of disaster, Henry Schein and UPS smooth the way for quicker deliveries to the scene.