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Technology powers logistics and makes our business more productive and efficient.

Greenhouse gas reductions

UPS uses proprietary IT and engineering technology extensively to reduce greenhouse gases.

Telematics outputs

Telematics outputs combine maps of routes derived from GPS data and detailed reports on driver behavior. These and other outputs drive our planning, training, and maintenance activities.

Mileage and fuel reduction

Since 2001, UPS has avoided 364 million miles through technology – saving 39 million gallons of fuel and reducing 369,000 metric tonnes of CO2.
Operational improvement

Even tiny operational improvements from telematics data can cut millions of miles from the total. Data is captured on more than 200 elements including speed, seatbelt use, and engine idling.

This information and driver coaching reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance costs while improving safety. And, customers experience more consistent pick up times and more reliable deliveries.
Fuel and emissions efficiency

UPS uses telematics extensively to increase miles per gallon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Telematics helped UPS cut over 206 million minutes of idling time in 2012 – saving more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel.