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Learning and development never stops at UPS. There’s no classroom big enough to hold us all – and no travel budget big enough to send us all to a training course somewhere. Instead we’re building an online university that helps us excel at our jobs, add new capabilities, and advance our careers from wherever we are.

To keep things simple for our customers, we have to be experts in complexity. We’re B2B, B2C, retail, wholesale, local, international, a common carrier, a freight forwarder, a customs broker, a consultant, a franchisor, a union employer, a philanthropic foundation, and one of the world’s largest airlines. And we’re striving to be more sustainable at all of them. That’s why employee learning and development matter so much to UPS: they are essential to our non-stop innovation and evolution.

Since 2009, we have been transforming our training and development offerings and how we deliver them. In 2012, we began implementing one of our most ambitious plans: to build our online education resource, UPS University. When it is complete, UPS University will be able to teach, train, develop, and provide reference materials to nearly 70,000 UPSers – through a common user interface, wherever we are, whenever we want to learn. This will make training and development far more flexible for our people and substantially reduce the travel (and greenhouse gas emissions) required to attend in-person courses.

UPS University is a centerpiece of our strategy for making employee development a shared responsibility of individuals and their managers. In many large companies, employees must rely on their manager to offer the right training opportunities. In start-ups, people tend to learn what they need, just in time for whatever challenge they are taking on next. We’re aiming for the best of both worlds: giving managers enough tools and information to assign training and development with precision, and giving employees easy access to thousands of options for proactively building their skills and abilities – including beyond the scope of their present jobs.

In 2012, UPS University delivered a wide range of new content that addresses several new employee populations. Among them were our innovative UPS Integrad® training for new delivery drivers; hundreds of training and reference items for our aircraft maintenance teams; a complete training program for franchisees of The UPS Store®; and career development courses and reference materials for nearly 40,000 full-time management employees. In 2013, we plan to add content for parttime supervisors and specialists and our compliance teams, among others. 
Image of the UPS University Game, which gives employees an engaging introduction to UPS’s fastgrowing online education system.

UPS University offers a broad range of content for training and development on an innovative electronic platform, so that learning and development can take place anywhere, anytime.

Employees can access assigned training and also pursue their own development independently.

In 2012, UPS University began offering more courses and content to nearly 70,000 UPSers.