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We believe that labor/management relations are generally good at UPS. One of the characteristics of our workforce that supports good relations is the high percentage of our managers (79.7 percent in 2012) who began at UPS in front-line positions. This experience gives them personal understanding of, and high respect for, the daily contribution of hundreds of thousands of UPS employees around the world. Similarly, our employees understand that in many cases, their leaders once stood in their place and have risen in the company based on performance, not favoritism. 

Working Relationships with Organized Labor 

We employed 236,828 Teamsters in 2012, more than any other company in the world. The Independent Pilots Association represented 2,627 pilots of UPS Airlines. In all, approximately 76 percent of UPS employees in the U.S. were covered by collective bargaining agreements in 2012. 

We maintain open communication with all our unions, and bargain in good faith on all matters that involve them. All of our collective bargaining agreements contain provisions that address the health and safety of our union employees. These agreements include, but are not limited to, the following topics: health and safety committees, hazardous materials handling, vehicle and personal safety equipment, accidents and reports, and others. UPS’s collective bargaining agreements also include minimum notice periods regarding operational changes, which vary by agreement. 

During 2012, we continued our successful engagement with the IPA via the Joint UPS-IPA Safety Task Force. The work of the Task Force, which focuses on safety for our pilots, is described earlier in “Pilot and Aircraft Safety” in "Occupational Health and Safety".