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Key Successes 

All four KPIs related to the UPS workplace showed positive progress in 2012: two for employee satisfaction and two for safety on the job (see "Key Performance Indicators"). In addition, we substantially expanded UPS University and are well positioned to continue its expansion in the years ahead. 

The safety improvements were attributable to the collaboration of safety committee chairpersons at our facilities, employee wellness champions, mentorships, training, and sustained safety awareness campaigns. In January 2012, we also distributed “Distracted Driving” procedures that included policies regarding the use of mobile devices and texting while driving. 

Work in Progress 

In 2012, we continued to implement cockpit safety enhancements identified and selected as part of our work with the Joint UPS-IPA Safety Task Force (see "Occupational health and Safety"), and the Task Force continued to study emerging technologies that will allow crew members to safely land aircraft in fire situations.