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Board of Directors, Shareowners, and Stakeholders
United Parcel Service, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia 

We have reviewed the accompanying Corporate Sustainability Report of United Parcel Service, Inc. (the “Company”) for the year ended December 31, 2012. The Company’s management is responsible for the Corporate Sustainability Report. 

We conducted our review in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which includes AT Section 101, Attest Engagements. A review consists principally of applying analytical procedures, considering management assumptions, methods, and findings, and making inquiries of and evaluating responses from persons responsible for corporate social and operational matters. It is substantially less in scope than an examination, the objective of which is the expression of an opinion on the Corporate Sustainability Report. Accordingly, we do not express such an opinion. A review of the Corporate Sustainability Report is not intended to provide assurance on the entity’s compliance with laws or regulations. 

The preparation of the Corporate Sustainability Report requires management to interpret the criteria, make determinations as to the relevancy of information to be included, and make estimates and assumptions that affect reported information. Different entities may make different but acceptable interpretations and determinations. The Corporate Sustainability Report includes information regarding the Company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and targets, the estimated future impact of events that have occurred or are expected to occur, commitments, and uncertainties. Actual results in the future may differ materially from management’s present assessment of this information because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected. 

Based on our review, nothing came to our attention that caused us to believe that the Corporate Sustainability Report does not include, in all material respects, the required elements of the Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Framework for Application Level A; that the 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 data, and the 2007 Transportation Index baseline included therein have not been accurately derived, in all material respects, from the Company’s records, or that the underlying information, determinations, estimates, and assumptions of the Company do not provide a reasonable basis for the disclosures contained therein. 

The comparative disclosures for periods prior to 2009, other than the 2007 Transportation Index baseline information, were not reviewed by us and, accordingly, we do not express any form of assurance on them. 

June 26, 2013