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Our Key Performance Indicator for community philanthropic support is Total Charitable Contributions. This metric includes two sources of philanthropic support: charitable donations from The UPS Foundation and donations by employees to United Way. The Foundation directs its charitable donations into the following categories: 

• Cash grants to outside organizations, as described below in “Grant-Making.” 
• In-kind transportation movements and logistics skills donations, which the Foundation coordinates. 
• Matching funds for United Way from The UPS Foundation, as described below in “Foundation Funding.” 
• Charitable contributions and sponsorship support of non-profit conferences and events. 

Total Charitable Contributions in 2012 totaled US$97.5 million, compared to US$93.5 million in 2011. These figures include in-kind donations valued at US$2.6 million in 2012 and US$2.7 million in 2011.
Charitable Contributions include domestic and international sponsorships.
Corporate Grants include domestic and international “national” grants.
Internal Scholarships include James E. Casey and George D. Smith Scholarship Programs.
Local Grants include domestic and international local “community” grants.