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UPS is one of the most diverse companies in the world because of our inclusive hiring policies. We also support organizations that promote opportunities and advancement for diverse populations. By supporting programs that enhance higher education, economic empowerment, mentorship, and inclusion, UPS can help to create greater opportunities for underserved and under-represented segments of society. 

Community Safety 

Community Safety is a strategic focus area for UPS because our employees live and work in communities throughout the world. We provide substantial support to organizations involved in urgent humanitarian relief, road safety programs, and local community safety initiatives—and we do this both in times of urgent need and “behind the scenes” with capacity building advice and expertise. We are particularly well positioned to help communities with these challenges because of our logistics and supply chain expertise, a global network of local resources, and state-of-the-art road safety techniques. 

Our financial and in-kind support for humanitarian relief activities in 2012 totaled US$6.5 million in 2012, compared to US$6.4 million in 2011. Within the total for 2012, cash donations were US$3.9 million and in-kind donations were valued at US$2.6 million. A table showing in-kind donations for the past 4 years is provided on the next page

Earlier in this Report, we highlighted a number of representative Community Safety programs and initiatives, including "Humanitarian Relief" and road safety (see "The Drive for Safer Communities"). We also noted the timely and courageous actions of UPS employees, acting on their own initiative while on the job, to contribute to Community Safety (see "Community"). 

Environmental Sustainability 

Our Environmental Sustainability strategy is to support organizations aligned with UPS environmental goals, expertise, and concerns. The Foundation provides funding for action, education, and research in such vital areas as preservation, conservation, reforestation, and other carbon reduction programs. This financial support is strongly complemented by the expertise and volunteer efforts of our people. Together they support the development and implementation of environmental enhancements and safeguards that benefit communities around the world. 

The UPS Foundation made grants totaling US$3.99 million for Environmental Sustainability in 2012, compared to nearly US$3.7 million in 2011. 

Earlier in this Report, we described our signature program for Environmental Sustainability, the "UPS Global Forestry Initiative", as well as engagements with major environmental organizations addressing issues such as climate change and water stewardship (see "UPS Collaborates with World Leaders in Sustainability"). 

Employee Volunteerism Our people have made volunteering their service in the community a core competency for UPS, donating well over a million volunteer hours annually in recent years. In 2012, the number of hours reached 1.8 million. The time and expertise our volunteers contributed benefited a broad range of organizations, from grass-roots nonprofits in local communities to UPS’s global philanthropic partners. Furthermore, we encourage employee volunteers to nominate the non-profits they support for funding from The UPS Foundation’s Local Grants Program, which gave grants totaling US$9.5 million to 627 such organizations in 2012. This balanced, engaged approach builds volunteer capacity and has a systemic impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector. In addition, we help our people pursue their passion for service by connecting them to local organizations that need help, via a global online system called Neighbor-to-Neighbor. 

Earlier in this Report, we provided statistical highlights from Global Volunteer Month (see "Community"), which takes place each October and continues to engage more UPSers in volunteerism activities every year.