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As an international business working wherever commerce reaches, UPS sees society at the global level. We also see society at the level of villages and neighborhoods, because our business extends to the doorways of homes and small businesses all over the world. We therefore see our role in society from both perspectives. 

We operate our business to help the global economy operate more efficiently, with a lower carbon impact and better allocation of resources. We’re also engaged internationally in the effort to set standards for sustainability and reporting to help corporations become more transparent about their actions and consequences. At the same time, we are bringing the benefits of our business acumen and infrastructure to individuals and local businesses on a daily basis, millions of times, all around the world. We also seed growth in local communities by spending more than US$850 million with small and diverse suppliers. 

UPS invests in civil society in the same way—from both global and local perspectives. We actively support the world’s leading humanitarian relief organizations, including major agencies of the United Nations, and conduct long-term, multinational philanthropic initiatives such as forestry preservation and renewal, community resiliency, and road safety. At the same time, our people again volunteered their time in their communities in greater numbers than ever before. In 2012, the number of recorded volunteer hours reached more than 1.8 million, up from 1.6 million in 2011 and 1.2 million in both 2010 and 2009.