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Key Successes 

We increased our Total Charitable Contributions compared to 2011. United Way donations by UPS employees and matching funds from The UPS Foundation totaled $55.5 million (see "Total Charitable Contributions" and "UPS and United Way").

UPS employees donated 1.8 million volunteer hours to non-profit organizations in 2012, a new high (see "The UPS Foundation: Strategic Areas"), and more than 1,400 UPS employees volunteered to become Sustainability Ambassadors within the company and in their communities. 

We significantly deepened our engagement with non-profit grant recipients in the area of data reporting, particularly focusing on quantifying the benefits enabled by, and people assisted with, financial support from The UPS Foundation. 

Work in Progress 

The work of The UPS Foundation in grant-making and the work of volunteers in their communities is always in progress. The most notable new project that we began in 2012 and continue to implement in 2013 is our UPS Global Forestry Initiative, with a goal of planting more than a million trees on five continents between 2011 and 2013 (see "Millions of Trees").