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Water may not be as vital to transportation as it is to food or beverage companies. Yet it is vital to the communities we serve. That’s why we’re engaging with global leaders on water resource issues and reporting in detail on how we measure, manage, and mitigate our water consumption. It’s not just the amount of water we use that matters – it’s how we show stewardship regarding our planet’s most essential natural resource.

Our global water stewardship strategy has three pillars. The first is transparency: disclosing comprehensively measured water data for our domestic and international operations, including a thorough assessment of our water risk worldwide. Our water usage may be minimal compared to other resources, such as fuels and energy, but we’re still determined to adopt and implement best practices for measurement and disclosure.

The second pillar is conservation, beginning with a focus on the top 20 percent of facilities with the highest water use. We are also applying best practices for water conservation throughout the company.

The third pillar is engagement. Externally, we are collaborating with world leaders on water and reporting, in part by sharing our knowledge and in part by helping them disseminate ideas and guidance. For example, we are a member company of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), working to develop tools and strategies related to global water resource issues. We used the WBCSD Global Water Tool to map our water risk in 2011. During 2012, we also contributed to the 2012 Global Water Report by CDP. Internally, we are engaging with our employees to make them aware of their water use and how to reduce it, both at work and at home.

For a full discussion of our global water stewardship strategy, see Water.

CDP is known for its pioneering approach to carbon reduction: creating a market-based incentive for companies to report publicly on their carbon emissions and strategies. CDP is also shining a spotlight on water use. UPS’s Global Director for Sustainability, Steve Leffin, spoke at the release event for CDP’s Global Water Report 2012 in recognition of UPS’s leadership status.