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Following the launch of the United Nations’ “Decade of Action for Road Safety” in 2011, we engaged with organizations around the world to provide funding and employee expertise for the cause of safer roads and drivers. Here are some notable examples from 2012:

With more than 100,000 ground vehicles in our global logistics network, we care about road safety with a passion. It’s the first thing our drivers learn, and the training doesn’t stop. We’re helping other drivers learn to be safer, too, because a safer world is a more sustainable world.

NSEWA Learning Network
A 2009 World Health Organization study revealed that road safety records in the Republic of South Africa are among the worst in the world. So Fleet Forum, an organization with a focus on road safety for commercial fleets, joined with North Star Alliance, a specialist in training for mobile learners. With a grant from The UPS Foundation, they created the North-South-East-West Africa (NSEWA) Network, an innovative training system for commercial drivers in South Africa. Drivers listen to training CDs while on the road, gaining valuable knowledge about defensive driving as well as how to prevent exposure to communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS. More information, including an introductory video, is online at

Helmets for Kids

Road accidents are a major killer of young people worldwide. Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP) is a non-profit organization founded to reduce road accidents and injuries. One of its key initiatives aims to put helmets on children in Southeast Asia, where scooters are one of the most popular forms of transport. UPS has pledged US$450,000 to AIP over three years to purchase 27,500 helmets, and UPS employees are volunteering their time to urge schools, families, and children to adopt helmets as a way to embrace life and health.
Helmets donated in Vietnam.
UPS Road Code® Program

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. That’s the big reason we created the UPS Road Code program: to help save lives. The key to the program is how it engages teens with sophisticated multimedia and teaching techniques drawn from UPS’s own driver safety courses. A grant from The UPS Foundation makes the technology available, and UPS employees teach on a volunteer basis. UPS Road Code is offered in 52 sites in the U.S. and three other countries: Canada, Germany, and England. The program will expand to Shanghai, China in 2013.