This is a version of the WRI sSWOT User’s Guide digitized by

We would like to recognize the corporate sustainability champions that “road tested” an early version of the sSWOT and provided valuable input to this final version. We also wish to thank the following external experts and practitioners who also provided insightful comments:

  • Jeff Austin, Wells Fargo
  • Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School
  • Samantha Johnston, Net Impact
  • Geoff Kendall, SustainAbility
  • Sarah King, DuPont
  • Zoe Le Grand, Forum for the Future
  • Rainy Shorey, Caterpillar
  • David Simoes-Brown, 100%Open
  • Herb Rubenstein, LEEEGH
  • Kathrin Winkler, EMC

We would like to express our deep gratitude to several current and former WRI colleagues for their contributions: Siddarthan Balasubramania, Hyacinth Billings, Benedict Buckley, Brian T. Carney, Sarah Cohen, Laura Draucker, Chiara Essig, Kevin Lustig, Kirsty Jenkinson, Kevin Kennedy, Rob Kimball, Nate Kommers, Jennifer Morgan, Barbara Oliveira, Suzanne Ozment, Chris Perceval, Nick Price, Janet Ranganathan, Ashleigh Rich, Kevin Rowe, Candy Schibli, Amanda Stevens, Bertrand Tessa, and Walton Upchurch. 

We also are grateful to the following companies and organizations whose financial support has made the Next Practice Collaborative and this Guide possible: Akzo Nobel, Alcoa Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Robertson Foundation, Siemens, Staples, Target, United Technologies (UTC), and Wells Fargo Foundation. Finally, we would like to thank Jen Lockard for the design and layout of this Guide.