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MADE-BY’s partner brands demonstrate their social and environmental performance in the form of MADE-BY Scorecards, which are published annually.

How the Scorecards Work

The Scorecard outlines a brand’s social and environmental progress year-on-year and highlights significant challenges it may have encountered. The brand’s progress is depicted through a detailed illustration and analysis. Additional wording is provided to add context on the social conditions in the factories and the environmental impact of raw materials used. Only companies that have been partner brands of MADE-BY for the entire year have a Scorecard published.
Based on the MADE-BY Benchmarks for sustainability, the Scorecard aims to make each brand’s activities more transparent, demonstrating the progress made towards becoming more sustainable in the sourcing and production methods used in their supply chain.

The Scorecard shows the percentage of the brand’s supplier factories that are compliant with international labour standards, in addition to the percentage of organic cotton and environmentally friendly materials used to produce their collection. MADE-BY verifies the Scorecard of each brand by conducting a thorough check of production data, certificates and audit reports.