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Environmental Benchmark for Fibres

Brown and Wilmanns, a technical research consultancy specialising in sustainability in the apparel & footwear industry, has developed the Environmental Benchmark for Fibres with MADE-BY.

The Benchmark supports brands in understanding the environmental impact of their materials and highlights more sustainable alternatives. This Benchmark rates materials in terms of emissions, land use, human and eco-toxicity, water use and energy, from processing of raw material to fibres ready to be spun into yarn.

The Benchmark was updated in 2013 to include CRAiLAR® Flax, Monocel® (bamboo lyocell product) and Spandex (elastane) and is used for the 2013 Scorecards. Read more about the updates on page 32.
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Benchmark for Social Standards

MADE-BY has created a Benchmark for Social Standards which serves as a basis for monitoring and certifying improvements to social conditions for workers at garment factories. The Benchmark is based on six internationally recognised codes and standards based on the International Labour Organization’s conventions in relation to child labour, salary, working hours, union membership and safety in the workplace.

Suppliers in countries which MADE-BY has deemed as low risk are given a Class A ranking; these include OECD countries.

In 2013, MADE-BY commissioned Maplecroft to develop a labour standards risk map based on their labour standards risk index. The map puts countries into five categories of risk from low to high.

Updates to the Benchmark in 2013 included a reclassification of Fair Labor Association (FLA) as Class A and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) as Class B. Page 32 provides further details on the Benchmark update. These updates are reflected in our partners brands’ 2013 Scorecards.
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