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Industry Engagement

In 2013, having "tackled the massive industry of fashion – and had a highly effective impact” MADE-BY was honoured to win consultancy of the year at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards.

To further our impact, we continually update and develop our services according to the requirements of the fashion industry. Recognising that brands are increasingly engaging deeper into the supply chain, we updated our tools and broadened our consultancy offer. We also recruited new team members with expertise in developing cleaner production programmes, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis, carbon footprinting and chemistry.

To engage more brands on sustainability we regularly partner with leading industry organisations. In 2013, we worked with the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) on the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), which sees leading organisations across the clothing sector commit to reduce the environmental footprint of clothing by 2020. This saw MADE-BY engage 30% of the UK clothing retail market (by sales value) to baseline their data and set action plans detailing their carbon, water and waste reduction targets. By supporting SCAP, MADE-BY has helped to ensure that key players the UK clothing sector have committed to SCAP.
Brand Projects

2013 saw MADE-BY increase international activities, supporting major industry players to engage on key social and environmental issues. Our support ranged from working with UK retailer John Lewis on a clothing take-back pilot and training H&M’s Conscious Ambassadors in the Netherlands on fashion’s key sustainability topics. Here MADE-BY has been able to achieve greater impact at a larger scale.

Supply Chain Capacity Building

Through our partnerships with brands and on the ground organisations, we work to improve the conditions within the supply chain. In 2013, this led MADE-BY to join the Bangladesh Water Pact: Partnership for Cleaner Textile implementation team and to kick off a pioneering traceability project with international women’s wear brand EILEEN FISHER. This will see the brand map 100% of its supply chain, an industry first for a brand of this size and scope.

In addition to MADE-BY’s ongoing support to partner brands, MADE-BY undertook social and environmental improvement projects with partner brands’ suppliers, including supporting Ted Baker on an on-going social improvement programme with its suppliers in China.


MADE-BY hosted outreach events across Europe in London, Milan and Amsterdam. These events provided a forum for luxury to high street brands to connect, share their experiences and further develop their sustainability knowledge.
In 2013, we also updated our free brand tools, including the Environmental Benchmark for Fibres, Benchmark for Social Standards and the Guide to Textile Wet Processing Standards.