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MADE-BY collaborates with SCAP to drive 
improvements in clothing sustainability

The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) brings together the UK clothing industry to work towards sector wide commitments to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of UK clothing, across its lifecycle, by 2020.In 2013, MADE-BY worked as part of a consortium to encourage retailers and potential support organisations to take an active role in promoting the SCAP 2020 commitment.
The SCAP brings together industry, government and the third sector to drive sustainability improvements through the UK clothing sector.To date, 53 organisations including retailers Ted Baker, New Look, John Lewis and Tesco have signed up to SCAP, collectively representing 40% of the UK clothing market (based on retail sales value). The SCAP is managed by the Waste & Resources Action Plan (WRAP), a government funded not-for-profit company which helps people recycle more and waste less.

In 2013, MADE-BY worked as part of a consortium to encourage retailers and potential support organisations to take an active role in joining the SCAP 2020 commitment and engaged 10 of the UK’s key retailers’ to baseline their data and set action plans detailing their carbon, water and waste reduction targets. This saw MADE-BY’s outreach extend to 30% of the UK clothing retail market (by sales value). MADE-BY also worked with a diverse caseload of potential Supporter organisations to identify ways that these organisations could input to SCAP. MADE-BY continued to sit on the initiative's Steering Group and Metrics Working Group. Having provided input in this capacit y for over three years, in 2013 MADE-BY formalised its commitment to the SCAP and became an official signed Supporter to the initiative’s 2020 commitment.
In February 2014, SCAP unveiled its 2020 commitment targets with Signatories pledging 15% reductions in their carbon and water footprints and waste to landfill by 2020. If the targets are achieved, WRAP predict that the annual carbon saving could be equivalent to removing 250,000 cars from the road; the water saving would be equivalent to 170,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools; and 16,000 tonne reduction on waste being created in the first place.

Recognising that there is also a clear role for consumers, WRAP has launched a consumer facing campaign called 'Love Your Clothes'.The campaign offers practical hints, tips and advice to consumers on making their clothes last longer.