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Our Objective
...is to create awareness of MADE-BY and make the activities of our partner brands transparent. We are committed in our belief that sharing best practice and encouraging progress is vital to success. However, we are also aware that improving entire production chains and building bridges between brands and suppliers is a lengthy process, so it is important that this process is communicated clearly in a transparent manner.

“For KUYICHI, sustainability and social responsibility have always been key issues. MADE-BY’s ongoing support increases the effectiveness of our efforts as we address these sustainability challenges. The Scorecard adds credibility to our actions and increases the transparency of our supply chain.”
Hester Bos, Corporate responsibility manager, KUYICHI

How We Communicate With Brands and the Wider Industry

We help brands to enhance their transparency and communicate their sustainability progress. Our main tool for communicating brand performance is through the MADE-BY Scorecard, which measures, benchmarks and tracks a brand’s year-on-year progress in a transparent manner. Scorecards are published yearly in our Annual Report and on our website.

MADE-BY also communicates about sustainability by regularly attending and hosting events. In 2013, MADE-BY hosted outreach events across Europe in London, Milan and Amsterdam. These events provided a forum for luxury to high street brands to connect, share their experiences and further develop their sustainability knowledge.


In 2013, we began redesigning our international website to improve accessibility for visitors and simplify the editing process for staff. The redesign will involve switching to the popular content management system, WordPress.

The updated website will feature responsive page design, allowing it to instantly adapt to fit screens on a wide range of devices. The structure of the content has been revised, providing more clarity for brands looking to access MADE-BY’s free tools and consultancy packages. The rebuild also focused on supporting multiple languages, allowing us to better communicate to our European visitors about our services. From launch, the new content will be made available in English, German and Italian.

The new website will launch in spring 2014.

Social Media

MADE-BY has actively increased engagement with social media networks, allowing us to communicate about events and industry developments to a broad network through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By the end of 2013, MADE-BY’s Twitter account (@madebyorg) had a total of 3,481 followers, an increase of 1,450 followers (71%) from the previous year.