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Danish fashion brand The Baand was launched in 2009. The Baand offers style conscious women the most essential fashion items and describes its garments as “everyday heroes”, those loved pieces that always save the day. The Baand has partnered with MADE-BY since the label’s launch.

Social Conditions in Factories
The Baand's entire 2013 collection was produced in Peru. Unfortunately, their suppliers were not able to provide documentation that met the requirements of MADE-BY’s verification policy, resulting in a 100% Unclassified score.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
The Baand continued to use predominantly organic cotton in their 2013 collection. A total of 87% of their collection was produced using organic cotton (Class B) and no conventional cotton was used at all. The Baand also produced a line of knitted items using alpaca wool (Unclassified) and incorporated small amounts of elastane (Class E) in a number of styles to add stretch, resulting in the 12% Unclassified and 1% Class E score.
MADE-BY Scorecard Production/Distribution