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Slippely produces an extensive collection of high-quality basic shirts for women. Every season, Slippely brings out a series of tops, including polo shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless tops and long-sleeved shirts, as well as dresses, all in an eye-catching range of over twenty colours. Slippely began their partnership with MADE-BY in 2008.

Social Conditions in Factories
Slippely’s entire 2013 collection was produced in Portugal, which is considered to be a low risk country. Therefore, the whole collection is represented as Class A. This is the fourth year in a row that Slippely has scored 100% Class A in the Social Scorecard.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
100% of the cotton used in Slippely’s collection was organic and no conventional cotton was used. Slippely was able to provide GOTS certification at garment level for all organic cotton styles in their 2013 collection. GOTS certification guarantees that the cotton is organic and all additional inputs used in further production processes such as dyeing and finishing are environmentally friendly. Overall, 29% of the total collection was made using organic cotton (Class B) with additional fibres used including linen (Class C), viscose (Class E), elastane (Class E) and lyocell (Unclassified). 
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