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Starting out in the ‘80s, Nomad was originally a producer of travel and camping equipment. Their product range now covers ‘Protection’ (clothing), ‘Carrying’ (backpacks, travel bags) and ‘Resting’ (tents, sleeping bags and mats). In 2007, Nomad formed a partnership with MADE-BY.

Social Conditions in Factories
In 2013, a large percentage of Nomad’s total production was sourced from SA8000 certified factories, resulting in an 88% Class A score in the Scorecard. This was a significant positive increase, nearly tripling Nomad’s Class A score compared to the previous year. The remaining 12% of Nomad’s production was sourced from factories that fall under the ‘Unclassified’ category.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
In 2013, Nomad used primarily nylon (Class E) and polyester (Class D) in their collection, which are both considered important fibres for quality outdoor gear. This is reflected in the relatively large share of Class D and Class E fibres in Nomad’s Environmental Scorecard. Conventional cotton (Class E), poly-acrylic (Class D) and polypropylene (Unclassified) were also used in the 2013 collection.
MADE-BY Scorecard - Production/Distribution