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Limobasics is a babywear brand that was founded in 2003 and became a MADE-BY partner in 2010. Limobasics offers high quality, colourful and, above all, functional baby clothing with a low environmental impact. Their products are sold in several Scandinavian countries, the UK, Germany, Spain and Benelux.

Social Conditions in Factories

Since their first Scorecard was published four years ago, Limobasics has continually achieved a 100% Class A score for their Social Scorecard. In 2013, Limobasics produced all of their products in Hungary, which is considered to be a low risk country (Class A).

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
Similar to previous years, Limobasics’ 2013 collection was primarily produced using organic cotton. No conventional cotton was used this year, an improvement compared to previous years. The use of organic cotton has resulted in a high Class B score of 97%. A small percentage of styles also contained polyester (Class D) and elastane (Class E) to add stretch to the products.
MADE-BY Scorecard - Production/Distribution