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KUYICHI is a Dutch denim brand, founded by Dutch NGO Solidaridad in 2001 with the aim of introducing organic cotton into the fashion industry. In January 2005, KUYICHI became one of MADE-BY’s first partner brands.

Social Conditions in Factories
Until the end of 2013, KUYICHI was a member of BSCI. As a result, in 2013, 85% of the collection was produced by suppliers that meet the requirements of BSCI (Class B), up from 46% in 2012. Additionally, 12% of the collection was produced by SA8000 certified factories or in low risk countries (Class A). Overall, 97% of the 2013 collection was produced by Class A and B suppliers.

In July 2013, KUYICHI became an affiliate of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to improving conditions for garment workers around the world.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
KUYICHI has continued to make a conscious choice to source primarily more sustainable materials. In 2013, KUYICHI did not use any conventional cotton in the collection, but instead used organic and recycled cotton. Organic cotton was used in the majority of the products within their collection, accounting for 95% of total material use. In addition, KUYICHI continued to use TENCEL® resulting in an overall Class B score of 96%, up from 90.7% last year. KUYICHI also used recycled cotton within their collection, resulting in a 1.9% Class A score.
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