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KuSan is a knitted hat and accessories brand with the philosophy; 100% wool, 100% designed, 100% handmade in Nepal. KuSan joined MADE-BY in January 2010.

Social Conditions in Factories
KuSan has worked with the same supplier in Nepal for over 13 years, supporting the supplier to become socially certified. This has proved challenging in Nepal in the context of political turmoil, poverty and regular power outages. KuSan’s ongoing commitment to the same supplier has meant that this year the supplier was able to meet the requirements of ETI and achieve a Class A Score in the Social Scorecard which is some achievement given the challenges.

Over the years, KuSan has taken a number of steps to ensure good social conditions within their supply chain including working on a homeworkers project with a local Nepalese charity, HBWCSN. This project organises homeworkers into cooperatives, improving pay and raising awareness among the homeworkers of their rights. KuSan is also a member of Sedex, the collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
KuSan remains committed to finding ways to include recycled fibres in their collection: the linings of their products are made with recycled polyester. KuSan also produced a range of recycled wool hats with recycled polyester linings. Unfortunately there is not a sufficient certification process in Nepal, so the 0.5% recycled wool used within the collection could not be verified by MADE-BY. Therefore it is treated as virgin wool, contributing to the 99% Class E score. KuSan also used small amounts of cashmere, resulting in the 1% Unclassified score.
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