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Haikure is an Italian denim brand for men and women that launched their first collection in 2011. The brand’s mission is to respect people and nature by promoting a new lifestyle, which takes both new fashion trends and sustainability into account. Haikure became a MADE-BY partner in 2010.

Social Conditions in Factories
Haikure’s entire 2013 collection was produced in Italy. This is considered to be a low risk country, resulting in a 100% Class A score for the Social Scorecard.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
In 2013, 28% of Haikure’s collection was made up of more sustainable fibres. 26% of the collection comprised of Class B rated fibres, TENCEL® and organic cotton and Class C fibre linen accounted for 2% of total material use. As a denim brand, cotton is an important fibre for Haikure and of all the cotton used within the 2013 collection 10% was organic. The remaining materials used within the collection included polyester (Class D) and Class E fibres, conventional cotton, viscose and elastane.
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