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Claudia Sträter is a leading Dutch womenswear fashion brand founded in 1970. Claudia Sträter offers an elegant design with a great eye for detail for active and fashionable women. Claudia Sträter became a MADE-BY partner brand in 2008.

Social Conditions in Factories
Claudia Sträter produced much of its 2013 collection in low risk countries. This is reflected in the 47% Class A score in the Social Scorecard. 17% of Claudia Sträter’s 2013 collection was sourced from suppliers that meet the requirements of BSCI (Class B), an increase compared to 12% in 2012. As a member of BSCI, Claudia Sträter aims to increase the number of suppliers that meet the requirements of BSCI in their supply chain.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
Of all the cotton used by Claudia Sträter in 2013, approximately 6% was certified organic cotton, an increase compared to last year. Claudia Sträter continued to use TENCEL® and organic cotton in their collection, both Class B fibres in the Scorecard. Claudia Sträter also used linen, resulting in a 2% Class C score. Viscose, conventional cotton, nylon and elastane was also used in several styles, represented in the Class E score. Unclassified materials including leather and silk were also used.
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