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Chasin’ is a free spirited, non-conformist jeanswear brand for men founded in 1992. Joining MADE-BY in 2011 was the result of the determination from the brand to further their sustainable ambitions.

Social Conditions in Factories
In 2013, Chasin’ produced in factories that were either SA8000 certified, met the ETI requirements or were located in low risk countries, resulting in a 22% Class A score. In addition, 9% of Chasin’s collection was sourced from factories that met the requirements of BSCI, which is visible as Class B in the Social Scorecard. Overall, 31% of the collection was produced in Class A or Class B factories.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
Cotton is an important fibre for a denim brand. The use of cotton explains the large share of Class E fibres in Chasin’s Scorecard, with small amounts of viscose, elastane, nylon and wool also used (Class E). Chasin’ also incorporated linen and hemp into their 2013 collection, which is visible in the 0.1% Class C score. Other fibres used in the collection include polyester and poly-acrylic (Class D fibres) as well as leather (Unclassified).
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