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Atelier Awash is a clothing label for men based on the concept of classic and timeless garments inspired by the lifestyle of long distance travellers and contemporary explorers of cultures. Each garment shows a relaxed yet elegant approach to style with a particular attention to detail and craftsmanship. Atelier Awash was founded in 2012, this is the first year that Atelier Awash publishes a Scorecard.

Social Conditions in Factories
Atelier Awash’s entire 2013 collection was produced in Italy. This is considered to be a low risk country, resulting in a 100% Class A score for their Social Scorecard. By choosing to source within Europe, Atelier Awash also aim to reduce the environmental impact in the transportation stage of the product lifecycle.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
In 2013, 99% of Atelier Awash’s collection was produced using Class A, B or C materials. Of this, 12% was produced using Class A fibre organic linen. All cotton used in the collection was organic; this Class B fibre accounted for 36% of total material use. Atelier Awash also used hemp grown in Italy, resulting in a 51% Class C score. Small amounts of organic wool (Unclassified) were also used. Atelier Awash used organic and recycled materials within its trims (threads, buttons and labels) and vegetable dyes to colour the garments, further adding to the environmental qualities of the fabrics.
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