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Our Objective to provide support to fashion brands by helping them to implement social and environmental improvements in their supply chains.

How We Work With Brands

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MADE-BY undertakes a variety of consultancy projects with fashion brands that are tailor-made to their specific sustainability objectives. This is either on a long-term partnership basis, or on a consultancy basis.
We describe our support as a ‘complete approach’. We work with brands to set robust sustainability strategies and help them to translate their strategic aims into a tangible action plan. Through our workshops, trainings and tools we support brands to build their knowledge and integrate their sustainability strategies into day-to-day business practices.Moving into the supply chain, we work alongside brands to implement social and environmental improvement programmes within their supply chain partners and help them to transparently report their progress along the way.

For partner brands, we translate their sustainability performance into MADE-BY Scorecards which are published yearly on the website and in the Annual Report (see page 38 onwards).
Brand Support

In 2013, MADE-BY increasingly worked at the international level, supporting multi-national fashion brands and retailers on sustainability projects across our consultancy package topics.

From working with UK retailer John Lewis on an in-store clothing take back pilot, to training H&M’s Dutch in-store Conscious Ambassadors in the Netherlands on fashion’s key sustainability topics to collaborating with EILEEN FISHER on an innovative supply chain mapping programme, MADE-BY has been able to achieve greater impact at a larger scale.

Throughout the year, MADE-BY also continued to provide consultancy services to several multinational fashion brands and retailers including Primark and worked with partner brands to improve the social and environmental conditions within their supply chain.

For a full and up-to-date list of brands we work with on a consultancy basis please see our website:
MADE-BY increasingly worked at the international level, supporting multinational fashion brands and retailers on sustainability projects across our consultancy package topics... achieving greater impact at a larger scale.