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MADE-BY’s chemical management 
improvement support & activities in 2013

MADE-BY’s Detox package provides brands with strategic support and knowledge to proactively address chemical usage and wet processing impact in their supply chain.
The package, which is part of MADE-BY’s series of fashion specific consultancy packages, offers varying levels of engagement, enabling brands to select services that best fit their needs, whether building knowledge on a particular issue, working to integrate sustainable practices into daily activities or engaging supply chain partners on improvement programmes.

In 2013 MADE-BY supported a diverse range of brands to engage, understand and implement programmes to reduce their chemical footprint.Throughout the year, MADE-BY also looked to further develop the Detox package offer and began creating new tools and services to reflect the broader skill set of the team and the more technical needs within the industry.

The Detox package related activities are as follows:


Free to use industry tools & engagement activities

  • Updated MADE-BY’s Guide to Textile Wet Processing Standards to provide brands with the latest information on the 11 different standards detailed in the Guide (see page 32).
  • Spoke at international industry events on the need for the fashion industry to use more sustainable practices in the printing and dyeing process.
  • Held a free training workshop at Amsterdam Fashion Week, providing brand representatives with an insight into the conventional and alternative wet processing methods as well as showcasing how new technologies can be used to improve sustainability without compromising quality or aesthetic.
Level 1 
Guidance, training and brand level support

• Delivered several trainings and strategy setting workshops for multinational brands on the risks associated with conventional wet processing techniques and sustainable alternatives
• Internally developed a Wet Processing Scorecard which highlights brand performance on wet processing interventions.
• Provided brands with strategic Restricted Substance List (RSL) reviews and realignment support
• Created tools and manuals training product development teams and supply chain vendors on sustainable wet processing techniques
• Initiated development of a Wet Processing Benchmark, which will enable brands to make conscious choices to promote more sustainable wet processing techniques in their supply chains.
Level 2

Advanced supply chain engagement activities
• Supported multi-national brands to work with their supply base to integrate cleaner production and wet processing techniques
•Joined the Bangladesh Water PaCT: Partnership for Cleaner Textile implementation team (see page 26 for details).