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This report aims to help you better understand the Publisher tool and find all the answers to your questions.


What are templates?

For our users that need a little assistance and especially aim to comply with specific reporting frameworks, we sell templates based on the most frequently used reporting frameworks out there, such as the GRI, CDP and local regulations...

What exactly is the G4 Template?

The G4 Template is a Publisher template created with the Spanish consultancy Lavola. It is an online report made with the Publisher for which all content (tree structure, pages, indicators) has been based on the latest version of...

Does the template include all the G4 indicators?

Yes. The template is based on G4 Guidelines of GRI and includes all the G4 indicators, for both ‘In accordance’ options. Each help popup that can be related to an indicator has a G4 reference (indicator code). You can find the...

Does the template include a materiality analysis process?

Yes. ‘Materiality’ section purposes a process to indentify the material Aspects that should be included in the report. In a G4 Sustainability Report, material issues must be apparent.