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I am a G3.1 user, what do I have to do to start working on a G4 report? Loading...

If you've been reporting according to G3.1 guidelines and you are going to work on your first G4 sustainability report, we recommend you to start reading the main new contents of G4 (those who have changed regarding G3.1). Thus, the sections you should read are, in the following order: stakeholders, materiality-to identify the impacts of the organization in its value chain, which will determine the indicators you should report on - suppliers and corporate governance - both include new indicators. 

It is very important to read the instructions of the sections in a sorted way (top-to-bottom), carefully and all whole.

If you want to know what are the differences between G3.1 and G4, there is a comparison document available. You can find the Overview Tables that compare G4 Standard Disclosures to G3.1 Standard Disclosures here Overview of Changes in Standard Disclosures from G3.1 to G4 Guidelines.