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To install a plugin, you first need to access the plugins page in the back office of your report (by clicking on the black administration button):
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The plugins page lists all the plugins that are available on the Enablon Publisher. So far, there are 3 of them : the Chart Generator, Download Manager and Google Analytics.
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If you choose a Premium or Enterprise Pack, all the plugins are already included into your Pack and you only need to click on the blue "Install" buttons to install the ones you want. Be careful: some of the plugins, such as the Chart Generator, require that you configurate them via the related settings button.
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If you choose a Standard Pack, the plugins are not included into your Pack but you can buy them as stand-alone features. Simply click on the blue "Buy" buttons to add the ones you want to your Publisher basket. You'll then be able to proceed to payment to unlock them.
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