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If all of our customization features are not enough for you, we can help you delve deeper into the customization of your report with the Custom CSS feature.

The Custom CSS feature enables you to define design guidelines for your report : you want to present your KPIs in a special way ? You'd like your tables to have a specific look or your quotes to stand out from the rest? What if you want to define a special look for specific titles/subtitles ?

Through a quick workshop with us, our team will be able to create the CSS classes you need, so you can apply them to the blocks of content (text, charts, maps etc..) that you'd like to customize. The result will be an entirely customized report design, like the one we did for Coca-Cola Hellenic (in the screenshot below).

If you're interested, please get in touch with us at: contact@publisher.enablon.com.

16-06-2015 11-21-02.png