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What are "themes" and how can I change mine? Loading...

Design themes are the different "looks" you can use to customize your report:
Theme 1
15-06-2015 14-52-20.png
Theme 2
15-06-2015 14-51-19.png
Theme 3
15-06-2015 14-53-41.png
Theme 4
15-06-2015 15-08-32.png
Theme 5
15-06-2015 15-10-24.png
Theme 6
15-06-2015 15-14-49.png

You can change the theme of your report by clicking on "Customize" in the black settings menu available from any page of your report:
08-08-2014 18-10-58.png
Once in the customization page, you can choose your favorite theme between the different options available.
15-06-2015 14-45-15.png