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Home Design

How can I customize the look of my report? Loading...

There are many aspects of your report which you can customize:

  • The general appearance, which we call "theme"
  • The font
  • The text size
  • The text color
  • The hyperlinks color
  • The bar color
  • The page titles color
  • The general palette of your report (click here for more info on the palette)
  • And even more with the Custom CSS feature!

To go into the Customization Section, click on "Customize" on your report's home page:

15-06-2015 14-43-32.png

When in the customization section, you have two menus at the bottom left of the page:

  • One to select your theme, called "Change theme"
  • One to customize your fonts and colors, called "Customize"
15-06-2015 14-45-15.png
15-06-2015 14-47-39.png

Any change you make will be autosaved!

NB: If you are looking for a Google font that is not available by default in the Publisher, please contact us and we'll upload it for you!