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How can I build/customize my report's home page? Loading...

There are several ways you can customize your report's home page, but first you need to understand the notion of "highlighted pages".

An "highlight page" on the Publisher is a page that you will pre-select to be featured on your report's home page. You need to select each page manually through their red settings buttons:
26-09-2014 17-24-47.png
26-09-2014 17-25-02.png

As soon as you select a page as "highlighted", it will appear on your report's home page : 
26-09-2014 17-35-46.png

To add a thumbnail to your highlighted page, click on the same red settings button and upload an image or an icon. 

NB: If you don't upload any thumbnail to your highlighted page, the Publisher will automatically choose the 1st picture of the page to be featured as a thumbnail on the report's home page. If you don't have any picture on the page, it will not feature any thumbnail for your highlighted page as shown below.
26-09-2014 17-40-46.png
26-09-2014 17-44-33.png
Finally, you can customize the text which will be featured on each highlighted page of your report's home page. To do that, click on "Advanced Properties" and type in a quick abstract of your page (not more than 250 characters).

NB: If you don't write customized abstracts for your highlighted pages, the Publisher will automatically take the first 250 characters of your page.
26-09-2014 17-46-36.png
26-09-2014 17-47-57.png