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Designing a report with the Publisher is very easy. There's no need to know HTML or web-design: you'll build your pages adding different blocks of content, using drag&drop and autosaving features.

Let's take a look at the different steps to create a report from scratch:

  • Create your report by choosing a relevant name (you'll be able to change it later):
Create a Report.png

  • Build your tree structure with menu sections and pages.
Edit Report.png

  • Add your content to each page: text but also images, videos, charts, maps, icons...
Edit Report.png

  • Build your home page by highlighting important pages.
15-06-2015 12-08-43.png

  • Polish your design by selecting a theme and customizing the fonts, sizes and colors.
15-06-2015 12-18-55.png

  • Publish your report in a public or private mode, with a public or secret URL.
Edit Report.png
For more information, you can take a look at our tutorials on Slideshare.