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In 2012, companies employed a wide range of content strategies to broaden the appeal of their sustainability message and to reach the growing but scattered and disparate online communities that are interested in sustainability news and information. Leading the charge is what best can be described as a "magazine mentality", a sustainability offshoot of the content marketing trend currently en vogue for brands on both sides of the Atlantic and executed well by GE, Ford, Walmart, Deutsche-Post, Coca-Cola and Renault to name a few. Here's a snapshot of some of the best editorial efforts.
1/ GE Reports

GE has been developing a comprehensive editorial operation for a couple of years now. Its GE Reports site is a content and social hub for all the company stories about sustainability and innovation.

2/ Renault Sustainable Mobility

Renault, the French automobile company, runs the Sustainable Mobility online magazine to highlight next generation sustainable transportation technology around the world as well as its own electric Z.E. car fleet.
3/ Ford Social

Ford is one of a small but growing group of companies that are putting editorial content at the heart of their online communication efforts. Ford Social is as slick and professionally produced an online magazine as any traditional publisher might accomplish.

4/ Levi Strauss' Unzipped

Corporate blogs can be dull, drab affairs. Not Levi's Unzipped, the in-house voice of Levi Strauss and a good read for insight on how its employees approach sustainability.

5/ Coke Unbottled

Coca-Cola operates a series of blogzines for different parts of the business. Coke Unbottled, with a six-person strong editorial team, features stories about the company and its CSR and community efforts.


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