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Workforce profile
In 2013, an average of 72 people were employed at the CCIB (two people less than 2012). This decrease is due partly to the number of resignations and the reduction of the activity.
The CCIB, in order to develop its activity, has used its own staff - representing 90% of the whole workforce-. As per the external staff, the number of people also decreased in comparison to 2012.

As per the management positions, all members are local and they represent 5,26% of the full work day employees. 

Working conditions

The CCIB foments the contracts with indefinite duration and offers the workforce the best working conditions to favour a good working environment that contribute to improving the 
efficiency and quality of human resources. 

In 2013, there has been an increase in the permanent contracts achieving the entire own staff. As per the working hours, 83% of the staff work part-time, that increased especially among women.

In 2013, 5 new people have been hired and the index of unwanted staff turnover was of 13,43%. Also, there have been 9 dismissals from which 6 voluntary.  

The Barcelona International Convention Centre regulates the employment relations with the company’s workers in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the office worker sector of Catalonia. All of the CCIB’s own in-house staff (65 people) are covered by the aforementioned agreement.

Social benefits

All the CCIB in-house staff have some social benefits such as medical insurance, economic help for lunch and car park available.

* AEW is the average equivalent workforce corresponding to the number of employees working full-time the whole year.