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The employees health protection and the work risk prevention are key elements on the staff management at the CCIB, as well as for all the staff working in its facilities during the organization of an event (setup, maintenance, cleaning...).  
To ensure a proper management in work risks, the CCIB works with an external prevention service and a technical in risk prevention that is part of the in-house staff who is in charge to oversee the health and safety of all the in-house or external staff working at the CCIB.

Also, the CCIB health committee, consisting of two representatives of the employees - equivalent to 3% of the workforce - and two respresentives of the company, meets regularly to oversee the adopted work risk management and adopt new safety measures if required.

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Regularly, the CCIB carries our an identification and evaluation of workplace risks; the results show that the main risks detected are: muscle-skeletal disorders resulting from weight handling, risks associated to works at a height, as well as those associated with the manipulation of fork lifts. All these risks are current on suppliers and/or the event organizer during the event setup/dismantling. So, the role of the Technical in Risk Prevention is especially important for the coordination of all activities to ensure that the staff working in the CCIB facilities respects the relevant security measures.

The main measure adopted by the CCIB to minimize the work risks is the ongoing training, so the CCIB has opted by increasing the number of training hours in this area, including 314 training hours in 2012 to 1,480 training hours in 2013.

In 2013, there have been four accidents, two of them caused by mobility "in itinere" and the other two due to sprains in lower extremities. Three of these four cases have implied a medical leave.