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The CCIB suppliers guarantee the wide range of services offered in the Centre. In 2013, 97% of the contracted suppliers were local and the purchase volume has increased. 

For the organization of an event, the CCIB has several service suppliers including cleaning, maintenance and security. The other suppliers can vary depending on the contracted services, from simultaneous translation to design furniture, that change for each event depending on the client needs.

According to the policy of social responsibility of the organization, the CCIB contracts local suppliers whenever it is possible. Nowadays, 97% of the suppliers are from Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Likewise, the suppliers are integrated in this policy and we make sure that they contract people belonging to collectives with difficult access to the labor market. 

The sustainability criteria are also applicable to the materials and products purchasing, such as ecolabled paper. Also, some services offered to clients are sustainable, as the recycled carpet or F&B vicinity products. 

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The CCIB relationship with its suppliers is very tight, especially those in charge of building maintenance - cleaning, maintenance and security. The development of its activity is the key point to control and minimize the environmental impacts of the CCIB as the energy consumption and/or waste generation. For this reason, the Center is responsible for the awareness by doing an annual training.  

Also, to ensure health and safety in the workplace, the CCIB trains or asks its employees to be trained in the prevention of occupational risks in a general way or specifically for their job. 

Depending on the event organized, the level of coordination with suppliers must be very high as the suppliers are involved in all stages of the event from the negotiation to the final follow-up. Considering this high level of involvement, it is very important for the CCIB to know the client’s assessment of the suppliers in the satisfaction survey.

Another important aspect is the compliance of the legislation and the more stringent safety standards from suppliers, as well as the respect for human and non-discrimination, whether by gender, ethnic group or religion. In this line, the CCIB requires that the suppliers are up-to-date in payments with the public administration, that all staff working at the CCIB is properly registered and that they have individual protective equipment in accordance with the job developed at the Centre.