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Clients satisfaction

During the development of an event, the CCIB is permanently in contact with the clients to ensure their satisfaction. 

This contact takes place at different levels of responsibility and allows the different departments involved in the event to understand the client needs at each stage of the procedure, as well as the level of satisfaction of the client throughout the project. Thus the Centre is able to improve the management of their actions, as well as introducing innovative elements proposed by the client.

This track is completed with a satisfaction survey that is sent to the client at the end of the event. The questionnaire includes the assessment of the CCIB teams and facilities, as well as the services offered. Likewise, it also allows to detect the different areas of improvement and notify incidents or client complaints about any issue.

The surveys in 2013 indicate an increase in the client’s satisfaction on some services, keeping the average level of satisfaction from 2012.

In addition, before ending the relationship with the client, the CCIB carries out a debrief meeting in order to collect the the more satisfying aspects of the event, as well as those that will require an improvement. The results of this report are sent to the Board of Directors and the Heads of all Departments in order to take the appropriate preventive or corrective measures if necessary.

Privacy and confidentiality

The CCIB guarantees the privacy of its clients by complying the current legislation on data protection.   

The privacy and level of confidenciality in each event are agreed in the public releases clause of the event contract,
In case that the CCIB may make public disclosure of the characteristics of the event, either on paper or digital format, under no circumstances will public information that the client has identified as sensitive or confidential.