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The CCIB promotes and mantains a corporate social responsability strategy since 2011.

The organization of events generates a significant environmental impact produced by the consumption of energy and materials, the generation of waste and people journeys. In Barcelona these impacts become significant since the city occupies a prominent position in the world as a destination for holding congresses and conventions. Is in this context that the CCIB is working with the aim to minimize these impacts through an appropriate environmental management of its activity.

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However, in the past years, the growing expectations in ethics and responsability from our customers, partners, local community, institutions and workers have made that the CCIB take a step forward beyond environmental sustainability by adopting a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy.

In this way, the CCIB, under the strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility launched in 2009 by the company GL Events, commits all its stakeholders to undertake a sustainable financial, environmental and social management in order to reflect the organisation mission and values,

To keep GL events headquarters informed, the CCIB sends quarterly a report that contains the main monitoring indicators in the environmental, human resources and social areas.

Mission and values

The CCIB mission is: 

  • To generate a space of universal expression, prepared for the organisation and realisation of events with high institutional, cultural or commercial value, for whether private and public, local and international organisations.
  • To develop an activity that enables us to generate viable and responsible business within society, reflecting a group of highly experienced people employed in our company who represent the CCIB and the city of Barcelona with pride and humilty. 
  • To harmonize our business objectives with the social and environmental objectives in order to respond to the requirements of our stakeholders groups who are the origin of our strategy.
  • To integrate this mission in an ongoing review of those fields of action in our value chain in order to be able to incorporate social responsibility aspects, for instance supply, marketing communications and internal administrative processes.

The CCIB develops its activity in correspondance to the following values that assumes as its own: 

Democratic values
Respect for democratic values and institutions. 

Institutional rights 
Promoting the conditions for peace through defending the individual rights, especially in the area of the right for freedom of information and expression. 

Respect ethnicity 
Respect for each and every ethnic group, with special emphasis on the protection of minorities and the elimination of all forms of ethnic barriers.

Respect for cultural identity
Respect for each and every cultural identity, with special emphasis on the protection of cultural minorities, as a contribution to the consolidation of a rich and open social model. 

Promoting interdenominational dialogue

Respect for all religions and promotion of an interdenominational and spiritual dialogue.

Recogniton of linguistic diversity
Recognition and respect for each and every language in the world as a universal heritage that must be protected and promoted, without disadvantage to learning the most common linguae francae. 

Promoting creativity
Promoting creativity as a channel for transmitting values and attitudes which contribute to creating a culture of peace and dialogue.

Defense of biodiversity

The defense of biodiversity by protecting and improving the quality of the environtment, as well as the conservation and responsible consumption of natural resources. 

Social responsability
The need to be able to count on a socially responsible economic network, committed to an economically balanced and ecologically sustainable growth, without neglecting technological innovation. 
  • A clear focus in satisfaying the expectations of all our shareholder groups, especially our clients. 
  • A constant drive to efficiency and effectiveness in all our operations.
Safety practices

The CCIB has a specific security team for protecting the facilities and the people using them in person and permanently during the whole year. This team always comprises at least two or more people. 

Concurrently, the CCIB has on record a security director who ensures that all applicable regulations are met and structures, supports and measures an specific and exclusive team to guarantee the security in each particular event hold. This team, apart of accomplishing with the requirements of current legislation,  adapts and/or extends the service to the special features of the event in order to protect all the participants. 

All the security staff that works at the CCIB has the specific training required by the current legislation; also they regularly do some practical training in relation to the use of emergency and evacuation system devices, as well as the use of the desfibrillator and client's treatment.  
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